Japan Gazetteer are referenced in Wikipedia for the
100 Famous Japanese Mountain
and List of mountains and hills of Japan by height.

Not only that, we answered a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Famous Mountains in Japan.

Mountain NameJapaneseAltitudePrefectureDifficultyMinimum Stay
Mt. Fuji富士山3776Shizuoka, Yamanashi★★★2 Days 1 Night
Kitadake北岳3193Yamanashi★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Hotakadake穂高岳3190Gifu, Nagano★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Ainodake間ノ岳3189Shizuoka, Yamanashi★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Yarigadake槍ヶ岳3180Gifu, Nagano★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Warusawadake悪沢岳(東岳)3141Shizuoka★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Akaishidake赤石岳3120Nagano, Shizuoka★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Ontake御嶽山3067Nagano★★★2 Days 1 Night
Shiomidake塩見岳3047Nagano, Yamanashi★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Senjodake仙丈岳3033Nagano, Yamanashi★★2 Days 1 Night
Norikuradake乗鞍岳3026Gifu, NaganoDay Trip
Tateyama立山3015Toyama★★2 Days 1 Night
Hijiridake聖岳3013Nagano, Shitzuoka★★★4 Days 3 Nights
Tsurugidake剣岳2998Toyama★★★2 Days 1 Night
Kurodake黒岳, 水晶岳2986Toyama★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Kaikomogadake甲斐駒ヶ岳2967Nagano, Yamanashi★★2 Days 1 Night
Kisokomagadake木曽駒ヶ岳2956Nagano★★2 Days 1 Night
Shiroumadake白馬岳2932Nagano / Toyama★★★2 Days 1 Night
Yakushidake薬師岳2926Toyama★★2 Days 1 Night
Washibadake鷲羽岳2924Toyama, Nagano★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Mt Yatsukudake八ヶ岳2899Nagano, Yamanashi★★2 Days 1 Night
Kasagatake笠ヶ岳2897Gifu★★★2 Days 1 Night
Kashimayarigatake鹿島槍岳2889Nagano★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Ustugidake空木岳2864Nagano★★★2 Days 1 Night
Jonendake常念岳2857Nagano★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Hounou鳳凰山2840Yamanashi★★3 Days 2 Nights
Kurobegorodake黒部五郎岳2840Toyama, Gifu★★★4 Days 3 Nights
Goryudake五竜岳2814Nagano★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Hakusan白山2702Ishikawa★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Kinpu金峰山2598Nagano, Yamanashi★★Day Trip
Teraridake光岳2591Nagano, Shizuoka★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Mt. Okushirane奥白根山2578Gunma, Tochigi★★Day Trip
Mt. Asuma浅間山2568Gunma, Nagano★★Day Trip
Mt. Tateshina蓼科山2530Nagano★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Nantai男体山2484Tochigi★★Day Trip
Kobushidake甲武信岳2475Saitama, Nagano, Yamanashi★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Hiuchi火打山2462Niigata★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Myoko妙高山2455Niigata★★2 Days 1 Night
Yakedake焼岳2455Gifu, Nagano★★Day Trip
Hiuchigadake燧ヶ岳2356Fukushima★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Azumaya四阿山2354Gumma★★Day Trip
Mt. Takazuma高妻山2353Nagano, Niigata★★★Day Trip
Mt. Daisetsu大雪山2290Hokkaido★★★Day Trip
Mt. Chokai鳥海山2236Yamagata, Akita★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Mizugaki瑞牆山2230Yamanashi★★Day Trip
Mt. Shibutsu至仏山2228Gunma★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Ena恵那山2191Gifu, Nagano★★Day Trip
Mt. Kusatsushirane草津白根山2171GunmaDay Trip
Mt. Hotaka武尊山2158Gunma★★★Day Trip
Mt. Naeba苗場山2145Niigata★★3 Days 2 Nights
Mt. Sukai皇海山2144Gunma, TochigiDay Trip
Tomuraushiトムラウシ山2141Hokkaido★★★2 Days 1 Night
Hiragatake平ヶ岳2141Niigata, Gunma★★★2 Days 1 Night
Aizukomagadake会津駒ヶ岳2133Fukushima★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Iide飯豊山2105Yamagata Niigata Fukushima★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Tokachidake十勝岳2077Hokkaido★★Day Trip
Daibosatsudake大菩薩岳2057Tokyo Saitama Yamanashi★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Poroshiri幌尻岳2052Hokkaido★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Mt. Iwate岩手山2038Iwate★★★Day Trip
Mt. Azuma吾妻山2035Yamagata, Fukushima★★★2 Days 1 Night
Utsukushigahara美ヶ原2034Nagano★★Day Trip
Mt. Kumotori雲取山2017Tokyo★★2 Days 1 Night
Uonumakomaga魚沼駒ヶ岳2003Niigata★★★2 Days 1 Night
Gassan月山1984YamagataDay Trip
Mt. Ishizuchi石鎚山1982Ehime★★Day Trip
Tanigawadake谷川岳1977Niigata, Gunma★★Day Trip
Mt. Mikihata巻機山1967Niigata, Gunma★★Day Trip
Mt. Amakazari雨飾山1963Nagano, Niiigata★★Day Trip
Mt. Turugi剣山1955Tokushima★★Day Trip
Miyanouradake宮之浦岳1936Kagoshima★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Kirigamine霧ヶ峰1925NaganoDay Trip
Hayachine早池峰山1917Iwate★★Day Trip
Nasudake那須岳1915Tochigi★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Oomine大峰山1915Nara★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Yotei後方羊蹄山1898Hokkaido★★Day Trip
Asahidake朝日連峰1870Yamagata★★★3 Days 2 Nights
Mt. Zao蔵王山1841YamagataDay Trip
Mt. Akagi赤城山1828Gunma★★Day Trip
Mt. Bandai磐梯山1819Fukushima★★Day Trip
Mt. Kuju九重山1791Oita★★2 Days 1 Night
Mt. Sobo祖母山1756Miyazaki, Oita★★★Day Trip
Daisen大山1729Tottori★★Day Trip
Mt. Ryogami両神山1723Saitama★★Day Trip
Rishiridake利尻岳1721Hokkaido★★Day Trip
Mt. Adatara安達太良山1700FukushimaDay Trip
Mt Kirishima霧島山1700Miyazaki★★Day Trip
Mt. Odaigahara大台ヶ原山1695Nara, MieDay Trip
Rausudake羅臼岳1660Hokkaido★★Day Trip
Mt. Iwaki岩木山1625Aomori★★Day Trip
Hachimantai八幡平1613IwateDay Trip
Mt. Aso阿蘇山1592Kumanoto★★Day Trip
Mt. Hakkoda八甲田山1584Aomori★★Day Trip
Mt. Tanazawa丹沢山1567Kanagawa★★2 Days 1 Night
Sharidake斜里岳1545Hokkaido★★Day Trip
Arashimadake荒島岳1523Fukui★★★Day Trip
Akandake阿寒岳1499HokkaidoDay Trip
Mt. Amagi天城山1406Shizuoka★★Day Trip
Mt. Ibuki伊吹山1377Shiga★★Day Trip
Kaimondake開聞岳922KagoshimaDay Trip
Mt. Tsukuba筑波山876IbarakiDay Trip

What is the highest peak in Japan?

No doubt. The symbolic Mount Fuji takes the top spot as the highest peak in Japan at 3776 meters.
For most of the year, the peak is covered with ice and snow.
Only in a short window from early July to late September middle of September, that the mountain is open for climbing.
Many tourist and locals swarm the mountain to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise from the peak of Mount Fuji. You can find out more how you can get to the top avoiding the crowd with our recommended itinerary to weather the climb to Mount Fuji to watch the amazing sunrise.

What is the top five most famous mountain in Japan?

In Japan Gazetteer, we voted top 5 best mountains in Japan based on:

Mount Fuji for the all season popularity.
The summer is the only time you can climb the mountain.
The winter makes the whole mountain bluish white.
The autumn and spring makes a great picturesque mountain backdrop.

On second spot, Mount Tate offers not just the climbing experience but also a chance to experience the Kurobe Dam thundering sound of water gushing to the bottom.

Coming in on third place, Mount Zao offers a great skiing experience among the snow monsters. You can read more about getting to Mount Zao in Where To See Snow Monster in Japan.

Mount Yake takes the 4th place as the eruption of the mountain created Kamikochi. A place so serene that it is also the place for worship to the Guardians of the Northen Alps.

What is the most difficult mountain to climb in Japan?

Kitadake or Mount Kita is the most difficult mountain to climb.
But is it that the second highest mountain is the most difficult to climb?
Why not Mount Fuji (the highest peak in Japan)?
That’s because Mount Fuji has bus route up to the Fuji Subaru Fifth Station, and climbers can start from there.
The trip is much shorter, and you can complete the climb up and down within a day if you want to, but most climbers will make it a 2 days 1 night adventure.

Mount Kita on the other hand, starts from a lower altitude.
So it takes more footwork to reach the peak.
Usually it demands at least a 3 days 2 nights, but it can stretch up to 5 days 4 nights, depending on which peak you want to conquer.

What is the best mountain for tourist?

Japan Gazetteer suggest that tourist go for the mountains where there are ropeway available. Mount Hakkoda for example, offers a spectacular view of the foyer of color autumn leaves. It is as though the mountain is painted with highlighter pens.

What is the best way to visit mountains in Japan?

For tourist on a tight schedule, the best way is to take the local tours.
If you think that tours are expensive, they don’t.
In fact, Japan Gazetteer conducted studies comparing paid tours vs self-planned self-guided walking tours.
For example, comparing the Kamikochi paid tour vs self-guided walking tour, what we found what astonishing, not only that tours inexpensive, it saves you time and effort, and reduce whole lot of anxiety.

When is the best time to visit mountains in Japan?

September to November is the best time to visit mountains in Japan.
It is the Autumn season!

Winter is the next best season to visit as many mountains and ski resorts are world-class.
If you love skiing or snow boarding or simply loves snow, winter is the season. Also mountains like Mount Norikura or Norikuradake offers some special attractions such as the snow wall.
There are also special natural phenomenon such as the supercooling of the conifer trees, creating the army of snow monsters are truly a rare sight.
You can find out more on where to see snow monsters in Japan.

The true beauty of the spring is really the flowers. It would be the best time if you love flowers field on with the mountain backdrop.
And, when we speak of spring, the first thing that pop to mind is sakura, or cherry blossom trees. We would recommend Mount Yoshino or Yoshinoyama as the entire mountain is covered by sakura.
The timing has to be right though. Book your ticket only when it gets near.

Unless you are going for the hiking to the mountains that are only opened in the summer like Mount Fuji and Mount Kita, the summer may be too hot for you to enjoy.

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